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New York City has to be one of the most "Instagrammable" places in the entire world. You need a vibe and a good wall, and your feed is bound to look majestic. Into boho chic? Go to Soho. Neighborhood kind of gal? Check out the Upper East Side. Work full time but still want to explore and make the most of your 'gram and blog? West or East Village. Straight up just like taking good photos for no reason at all? Hit up the tourist spots and let your creative mind shine. After all, you only need a cute 'fit and good wall and you'll be looking fly.

MYSWEATTFILES Fave Places to Shoot in NYC (I cycle through these because I like consistency):

~ West Village

~ Plant Shed Cafe

~ Sutton Place (neutral vibes)

~ Washington Square Park

~ Central Park

~ Flatiron

~ East Village

~ SoHo

~ Union Square

~ Bryant Park

~ Sezane L'Appartement

~ If you wish to question your sanity, Times Square by sunrise

~ Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise

~ The entry way to a subway station at a not so crowded time (early AM on the weekend)

~ Any place you can find some sort of greenery

~ Any place where I can find a clean, non-grafitied wall that compliments my ~lewk~

~ Any place that has that "NYC" feel

I say this again... and again: a blogger/influencer loves a good wall.

Tips for Taking Pics:

~ Check the weather. Ensure the weather is mild because let's be honest, Rome was not built in a day, honey!

~ Don't shoot directly in the sun or else you'll look washed out and bright (not ideal for the use of a preset) but seek out natural light.

~ Find a friend who pumps you up and knows your style for shots and has an eye for it. Sometimes the most awkward pose can produce the cutest pic.

~ Plan your outfits so you can easily change on the street or in a pop up changing room (or a coffee shop).

~ If you're shooting a denim day - bring a few pairs of shoes & few tops and take shot at different angles so you're stock piling #CONTENT.

~ Do not care what others think! If people want to stare, let them - it helps boost your confidence. Remember your why - cute content.

~ Find your go to stance. If all else fails, use this. Mine can be seen here - one leg out, probably touching my hair, hand on hip, non-teethy smile :)

~ Don't overthink it. Most of us use social media as a form of inspiration and education. If you have a relatively cute pic, make a fire caption and all else falls into place!

~ Remember you're human. You're not expected to have the perfectly aesthetic space, but understand that's also what's appealing to your audience's eyes.

~ Lastly, take a zillion shots in each outfit and keep moving while your photographer or friend is snapping. You're bound to find more than one and the outtakes are the best part.

~ Have fun with it! If you're not having fun shooting, tell yourself you're a sexy bi*$& and try again another day.



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