• Lauryn


Updated: Oct 13, 2019

I used to think so deeply (or tragically – Jersey Shore phase) about fashion. “I’m not fashionable” or “I have zero style." Okay, sister girl. While the word “authentic” is over saturated at this point, allow me to say that fashion and style is once again, unique to you!

I rarely go shopping. I actually haven’t really purchased clothes in two years aside from athleisure (or stuff fro other blogger friends for shoots, let's be real). Health and fitness influencers need to look cute, right?!

Living in New York State my entire life, I’ve learned to be creative especially since majority of the year is crisp and cold. My rent also costs an arm and a leg so it’s not choosey that I drop dolla dolla billz on luxury clothing on the reg. I’d actually rather get my hair done (balayage, what what!) or eat something delicious.


Express – jeans, blouses, dresses

Abercrombie & Fitch – summer/spring go-to

Zara – on trend store but great shoes, bold items

H&M – basic tops

Forever 21 – athleisure, summer clothes

Hollister – summer/spring go-to

Ralph Lauren (DUH) – women’s POLO

Club Monaco – sweaters, coats, jeans

Target – best shoes

DSW – also best shoes

Marshall's – rompers, blouses, dresses.. literally anything! Here’s my paycheck, thanks.

In the Winter/Fall, I wear a lot of black. Maybe I am mourning the fact it’s cold and dark in NY, but it just happens. I will seriously wear different jeans, different black tops, and then add fun shoes, a fun lip color, and some fur. Done. Standard winter outfit. And bless the style gods for bringing cheetah back. You’ve made my life so much easier.

In the Spring/Summer, I just wear dresses, jeans, and flowy tops. With my line of work, I don’t have separate clothes nor am I a ‘going out’ type of girl, so I have one theme of clothes. Again it’s usually flower dresses and relevant tanks, flats, mules. Love you, mules.

I like to look nice working in fashion, but I am not always ‘on trend.’ Maybe some of you can relate? But it’s okay, because I feel unique and pretty in my own way. I find my key items and use them with different looks and different ways of styling my hair.

Fashion comes down to your ability to be creative with what you have. You don’t need to go out and buy new stuff every time you have an event. Repurpose! Strut your stuff!