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Updated: Oct 13, 2019

I will be the first to admin that I am heavily addicted to sunless tanning solutions. As an Italian girl, at a young age, I got a taste of getting bronzed, so now on the off seasons, I cannot fathom seeing my skin looking translucent or like casper the friendly ghost.

For maybe four years now, I've been playing around with sunless tanning solutions - primarily sticking to lotions, mousses, and serums! I would like to try an at home air brush kit, but I don't want to faint from fumes or stain my bathroom (small NYC apartment bathroom probs).

Unlike many, the scent of some sunless tanners does not disgust me. However, I do want something that's not straight up chemicals soaking into my skin and thus getting all over my bed sheets. And with that, I've tried various sunless tanners that work great!

Here are my 2019 honeys:

Bondi Sands

Where you can find this: Bondisands.com and drug stores such as Duane Reade & Rite Aid

Hands down the greatest sunless tanning solution brand I've ever come across. Not only does Bondi Sands have a variety of sunless tanning products, but they're all spectacular and leave you with an even, not stinky, not sheet staining, beautiful, sustainable tan. I habitually use the Self Tanning Foam in Dark 1-2x per week and in between, the Gradual Tanning Milk so my skin looks vibrant. I also love the Liquid Gold and their respective tanning mitts so that your hands are protects from your product. Color me intrigued by their Aero Tanning Foam and Everyday Face Lotion. Thank you, Bondi Sands!

Tan Luxe

Where you can find this: Sephora or Tan Luxe

I regularly use social media to find my latest products and with that, read deeply into reviews. I want to know that someone had the best experience using a product before I think about investing. I found Tan Luxe more recently and was blown away by how natural the Self-Tan Drops are and how awesome it is that you just mix the drops into your every day moisturizer to get that real, glowy, sustainable tan. It's safe to say, this going to be my new addiction. I tested out using the drops over night and also after showering in the morning, to work all day, and I didn't even have a strange scent. This is changing the game - the latest mecca of sunless tanning solutions! Not to mention the ingredients are as clean and natural as it gets.


Where you can find this: most drug stores such as CVS, Duane Reade, Rite Aid, Target, Walmart, anywhere!

As stated, I am addicted to sunless tanners! This is not a drill. I grabbed this in Fort Lauderdale while traveling and fell in love. Not only did it give me a perfect tan for my vacation, but it smelled good, didn't stain my clothes, and when I reapplied 3x during the trip, it looked even and real. Jergens has so many products now, but the mousse give you the realest looking tan. For the price point, everyone needs to go get themselves a bottle right now!

Others Not Pictured SugarBaby (one of my OG's that I've consistently purchased for years) and Banana Boat Summer Color in Medium/Dark

Need To Try: Isle of Paradise Sunless Tanning Drops in Dark and Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in Dark, St Tropez Purity Water and the St Tropez Pro Light

I leave you with this - with any sunless tanning solution, they're going to work if you do. It's important to be realistic about your regular skin color and then find the color that won't make you look like a Florida orange. With that, you're going to have some maintenance - moisturizing, exfoliating, reapplying, erasing - but it's fun!

If you can't tone it, tan it?


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