• Lauryn


Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Run run run run... probably run yourself sick.... shoot, blog, workout, work, eat something healthy... run run run... not rest.. maybe rest. Freakin' rest.

It's no joke we're living in busy culture and that's the way of the world now. If you're relaxing at home, it can be seen as lazy or 'not cool' which is completely bananas (as a true homebody) but to each their own.

As a busy gal juggling various commitments trying to stay afloat, here are some of my fave phone apps that help me (and hopefully YOU) stay organized. Do not feel obligated to download all the thing you might not have yet - but think about what you could adapt in your blog life to help you me more efficient with your (and your team's, if you have one) time. Please don't drop your phone while you're reading this. That would be bad, real bad.

Notes - FREE & helps you write down your thoughts, captions, lists.

Reminders - FREE & helps you stay on track so you don't, for example, forget to... drink water?

Mint - let's all ~try~ to be fiscally responsible! An investment in you pays the highest return. But let's still try to afford rent, okay?

AnyList - don't feel like writing down all of the ingredients for a recipe? You're in luck! The mecca of grocery friendly apps.

Trello - for you visual thinkers who like dashboards. I commend you.

Wunderlist - cloud based task management app.

Slack - like instant messenger for the professional peeps. Talk about collaboration.

Google Hangouts - use with clients, teammates, friends? My fave.

Adobe Photoshop - save & copy that preset honey and you're good to post on IG for days.

Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace (whatever platform your blog is on).

PLANN or Preview - everyone needs to see what their feed looks like before all of their content is launched, am I right? Right.

Organization is KEY and then you can take ova the world! Who run the world? GIRLS! xo