• Lauryn


Updated: Oct 13, 2019

My entire NYC experience has been navigating the big apple one safe gluten free meal at a time. Let’s be honest here – it’s part of our culture to see, try, catch up with everyone and everything, be seen, and eat.

I’ve rounded up 10 Celiac-friendly spots in NYC that’ll please the gluten-free mamas out there.

(Do I even love Mexican and Italian food, and live on the UES?)

1. Senza Gluten


Cuisine: Italian

Faves: Crispy Calamari appetizer, Four Cheese Ravioli, Bolognese, Eggplant Stack, Mushroom Bruschetta

A gluten free spectacle! Senza is perfect for any meal (hello, lunch flat breads) and always has a decadent specials list. I’ve tried almost everything on the menu and have yet to be disappointed. Thanks, Senza.

2. Rosa Mexciano

Neighborhood: Multiple locations but Union Square is my fave

Cuisine: Mexican

Faves: Medium Guacamole, Budin De Pollo, Pollo Adobado, Salmon Poblano,

If your visiting friends want the “New York” guacamole experience, look no further. You could seriously eat Rosa’s guac off a shoe it’s that good.

3. Keste Pizza & Vino/ Don Antonio

Neighborhood: West Village

Cuisine: Pizza

Faves: Margarita w/sausage and mushrooms or the Pizza Del Rey

Hands down the best gluten free pizza I’ve had in my entire life. Both restaurants cook their gluten free pies in a totally separate kitchen than the gluten pies. Oh, and the spicy olive oil that is placed on every table – kindly, generously add to your pizza. Divine. No ragretz.

4. La Loteria

Neighborhood: West Village

Cuisine: Mexican

Faves: Guacamole, De Pollo tacos, Ceviche de Pescado, De Tinga Poblano Empanada, De Chorizo queso, Yuca Frita

My name is Lauryn and I wish I could marry a restaurant. Forever loving on the flavors, vibes, and snacks at La Loteria – oh, and the reggaeton music choices! Baile baile baile.

5. Pappardella

Neighborhood: Upper West Side

Cuisine: Italian

Faves: Always a charcuterie board, garlic bread, Funghi pizza, Pasta Funghi y Tarfuto, Pasta Baresi, Fileto de Salmone Raspighi, chicken parm, chocolate torte

An Italian girl always needs her classic Italian fix. Bring me all of the cab, carbs, and cheese, please. ‘Nuff said.

6. Catch NYC

Neighborhood: Meatpacking District

Cuisine: Seafood

Faves: Shrimp Cocktail, Sweet Potato Gnocchi, Salmon A La Plancha, Satueed Mushrooms

It’s a scene. Elegant, inviting, and fab cocktails.

7. Lill & Loo

Neighborhood: Midtown East

Cuisine: Asian

Faves: Gluten Free sushi rolls, Crispy Sesame Chicken, Teriyaki Salmon

Asian food can be challenging because there is wheat in soy sauce. Luckily Lilli and Loo has an entire safe gluten free menu with all of the delicious meals. The portions are large but the food reheats well, so can we say let’s leftovers?

8. Korali Estiatorio

Neighborhood: UES

Cuisine: Greek/Mediterranean

Faves: Organic salmon, tiger prawns, greek fries, chicken shish kebab, baked feta cheese, stuffed mushrooms

*Goes to Korali twice*

*becomes obsessed*

Stuffed mushrooms. Eat happy, my friends.

9. Felice 83

Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Cuisine: Italian

Faves: Charcuterie board (obv), Bolognese, Carbonara, Salmone

My go-to spot for date night wine and cheese or with visitors who are seeking a vibe. Felice is a warm, cozy spot that accommodates food allergies and has some fabulous wines to match any dish on the menu.

10. Bua Thai and Ramen Robata Grill

Neighborhood: UES

Cuisine: Thai

Faves: Masssman Curry, Pad Thai, or literally anything labeled GF

Sometimes you just need the salt and the spice, am I right? Pause. Give me all the Bua.

Other Fave Spots: Risotteria Melotti, La Contenta, Rubirosa, Erin McKennas Bakery