• Lauryn


Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Single or taken, it's important to stay dating! You're never going to find that soulmate unless you put yourself out there and if you're in a relationship, stay dating, stay having fun and keeping things exciting, always.

Aside from cooking healthy dinners at home, me and my boyfriend like having a weekly date! It doesn't have to be something fancy, expensive, surrounded by food, nor at night - this can be ANYTHING! But date night is a time for you and your new mate, h/u pal, or lover to connect without life distractions.

Some of my favorite NYC dates:

1. Grabbing coffee & walking aimlessly - First off, cafes are inherently cute and vibey in NYC. Look one up, grab some bean water or a tea, and take a stroll. It gets you out of your normal routine

2. Wine bar hopping - Know you're ready to have a bit of a night? Look up wine bars in your closest vicinity. Try the recommended wine at each spot, limiting this to about 3 spots unless you're a pro.

3. Pizza - It's nice when not every date is surrounded by food but come on, we're in NY and there's an abundance of 'za! Find a new pizza spot and compare it to other spots you've been. Pizza tour, baby!

4. Mexican food - Guac & margs are always a fun date, either at home or at a restaurant, especially when reggaeton is blaring in the background

5. Comedy show - Want to get to know your partner better? Take them to a comedy show and figure out what makes them cackle. Hit up Macdougall Street, NY Comedy Club, or Dangerfields on the UES - you won't regret it, not a single laugh.

6. Wine/cheese tasting - Murray's Cheese Bar or Beecher's Handmade Cheese. Then, when you go to your friend's birthday celebration, you can be the expert in the wine. Unless your friends still drink boxed wine... Then maybe find new friends? *cringe*

7. Take a walk around your nearest park - "I like long walks on/in..." Central Park, Carl Schurz, Washington Square Park? Parks are romantic. Parks encourage conversation. You can walk, talk, watch (people watching, hellurrrrr), listen (*IMPORTANT).

8. Jazz bar - Okay, you don't have to drink, but who doesn't adore live music? Especially on a Friday after what felt like a long week? Namaste, honey. Unwind with some nice music, maybe a snack, and catching up.

9. See a Broadway show - You can typically get good deals on Broadway shows last minute so if you feel like treating yourself, see a show! It makes you feel like a true New Yorker being in the hustle and bustle of things.

10. Binge watch a show - Plan a day where you lounge on your jammies, make your favorite snacks or plan your take out menu, and binge watch the show you've been dying to see! And snuggle. Lots of snuggles.

Single, kind of dating, slaying the apps, it's complicated, relationship, married, whatever! Life can be so fast. Make sure to block off time and to prioritize your s/o. Happy dating!