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Updated: Oct 13, 2019

We see it all over the interwebs, in recipes, and in smoothies, but some of you are probably wondering 'what the heck are collagen peptides?' or even 'do you actually use collagen peptides?'

1) I am so excited to tell you about collagen peptides and 2) heck yeah I use them! I have consistently for 3 years now!

I started using collagen peptides back in 2016 because of a post I saw on IG. I thought 'cool. I can add this flavorless powder into my coffee for 20g of protein rather than having to choke down a disgusting yogurt, protein bar, or something else that I likely won't enjoy.' Great. During this time, I was working through my initial Celiac Disease diagnosis so my nutrition was all over the board. I was still figuring out what I was sensitive to and what makes me feel good so I can fuel my body for performance and life. I started using Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides and never looked back. Instantly. my hair started to grow, I felt like my skin began to glow, and I just really enjoyed adding these into my every day routine! Pretty girl powder.

Fast forward time, using collagen peptides has become a habit. I add them into my superfood smoothies, lattes, bake with them, add them into yogurt bowls, whatever! Since collagen peptides are flavorless, you can do anything with them to add protein to your nutritional program. Pretty fab, isn't it?

So the benefits. What's in it for me?

There are so many benefits to taking collagen supplements because it is a bioavailable part of our bodies, so:

1) They can improve skin health - skin hydration, have a wrinkle-reducing effect, and apparently help skin elasticity.

2) Help relieve joint pain

3) Could prevent bone loss

4) Could boost muscle mass

5) Promotes heart health

6) Also promotes gut, brain, hair, and nail health

The Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides not only have worked favorably for me in terms of just adding extra protein to my go-to recipes, but impart attribute (not just genetics) accredit collagen peptides to my hair length, skin clarity, and strong nails. Obviously there are various other products, supplements, and ways I take care of myself, but Vital Proteins collagen is easily absorbed and digested, and I would highly recommend any of their products to you babes looking for some new supps to stay fit and gorgeous.

PS: my personal faves are the marine and beef peptide powders! Sometimes I even add the vanilla collagen to my yogurt bowls and it is delicious! Happy shopping! xo


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