• Lauryn


Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Jobs can be a weird topic. I find that in New York City, it’s a rat race with everyone trying to compete with everyone in terms of what they do, the hours they work, and the most cringe-worthy topic of them all, $$ their financial health.

I’ve found it challenging living in NYC in that regard because the first question most people ask you is “so, what do you do” or comment “ugh, it was such a long day. I stayed at work for 10 hours.” Like, cool? Congratulations? Do you want a gold star for doing the basics, contributing to society? While I’ve done very well for myself up to this point, I do not partake in this talk. It is disengaging and not empowering… especially when you’re already intrinsically motivated and empowered! Don’t kill my vibe, Susan! I prefer “so what do you LIKE to do?” or “how do your hobbies feed into what you do for a job?” Maybe that’s the HR professional and coach in me, but we are so much more than our jobs. We will forever be dynamic human beings… But here, I am sharing about my professional journey! Hold on tight (kidding, it’s been pretty seamless).

College seems like forever ago, but I started my undergraduate studies at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Oswego as a psychology major. I thought I wanted to be a therapist. Quite actually to this day (and it totally makes sense now), my friends, family members, complete strangers, colleagues, acquaintances feel they can come to me with their challenges – to speak through struggles with the goal of me lifting their spirits or empowering them to do more and to conquer their mind and life. This truly humbles me. Anyways, I was a dip-shit when I started college so I said adios to that psychology degree and year two, I was a ‘human development’ major.. whatever that means? Again, dropped that. Had no idea what I wanted to do. Next few - something with criminal justice and then biology because everyone randomly decides they want to be an ophthalmologist? Lauryn, get it TOGETHER!

So that was a saga, but FINALLY at the beginning of year three I opted for business administration and international business degrees. My family is a bunch of entrepreneurs so it felt like a seamless transition and business genuinely interested me. So I did that whole thing, public speaking engagements, studied abroad in London for a summer like every other Baby Boomer’s offspring, and come time for graduation – I had already been accepted into my Master of Business Administration (MBA) program with a concentration in human resource management at The Sage Colleges – School of Management in Albany, NY. I also landed my first job as an Assistant to an attorney in the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance (taking on various rotations in professional responsibility, taxpayer rights, training and development, and human resources). Things were looking up! I was never passionate about tax (is anyone in NYS?) but this job gave me the flexibility I needed while pursuing a higher degree full-time.

The MBA degree was one of the best experiences of my life. The MBA degree elevated my business acumen and was a time of self-exploration. The MBA degree was creative, writing based, people based, business plans, networking – it was everything a young professional needs in order to be successful. Yet, I , of course, was the youngest one in my class (proud of it though!). I then graduate from this program in 2017 (age 24) - MBA with a concentration in human resource management… but you don’t have to call me Master (*whispers* 'do it'). I had also semi-randomly decided I wanted to move to New York City to be with college friends and expand my reach, so I took the leap of faith. I applied to a few jobs, made connections within my sorority alumni network (where are my AEPHi sisters at?), and next thing you know, I was interviewing and landed a job at my dream company, Ralph Lauren Corporation.

Within two weeks, I graduated from graduate school, went on vacation to Las Vegas, moved out of my first big girl apartment, found a (garbage) apartment in NYC, and started in human resources at Ralph Lauren. I was going through extreme personal challenges at this time but I never let these challenges impede my laser focus. Can we say FAST? Can we say I MADE IT HAPPEN? Can we take a moment to acknowledge that I didn't wait for opportunity, I went out to seek my opportunities?! Not tooting my own horn, but sometimes these things take a little push... a little drive.

Where I am today… Yasss queen I’m still in NYC! Can’t get rid of me that quickly! It blows my mind I’ve been here for two full years now. Career-wise, I am on my second rotation at Ralph Lauren doing talent acquisition. I love it. I love the creativity of fashion, the people, the culture. In August 2018 I also started as an independent contractor through Beachbody doing online health and fitness coaching. You guys, this is NOT a pyramid scheme. This is a traditional business model focusing on sales/commission. Since I’m already on a fitness journey of my own, I figured why not level up with myself and help others along the way – very humbling. I also recently started this blog. I’m going to give myself a pat on the back and say that I, Lauryn Goldstein, am a dynamic human being.

This is me. This has been my path. Similar to you, I’ve ebb’ed and flowed through my professional journey. Key word being JOURNEY (also overly saturated but it’s true). It's always going to be a journey and that's what keeps this life so exciting.

I close with a quote by Mr. Ralph Lauren, one of the lights of my life…

“Be anything you want to be and be many things.”

If there’s something you want to do, do it. If there’s a job change you want to take, do it. If you want to launch your own business, make the investment in you and run with it. If you want to quit your job and travel now, just do it. You are in control. Be you, be many things – and make the most of this life! xo