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Fall into fitness, be-leaf in the best version of you - I could go on with cheesy fall puns but I'll spare you all.

Fitness is always a journey. As your life changes, you adapt your routine. After years of doing HiiT and weights, I've been switching it up once again and still sticking to at home fitness but also taking barre and spin classes around the city!

A week of workouts might look like this:

MONDAY - MWH method Pilates or at home legs

TUESDAY - at home legs

WEDNESDAY - barre arms & MWH method Pilates flow

THURSDAY - at home booty

FRIDAY - at home barre & walk SATURDAY - at home cardio

SUNDAY - rest/stretch

Fave at home workouts:

- Melissa Wood Health Pilates flows (MWH method)

- Baily Brown on YouTube

- Froyotofitness lifting guides

- Kayla Itsines BBG

- Beachbody on Demand workouts

Fave barre classes:

- Flybarre

- The Bar Method

- Pure Barre

- Fithouse

- Dancebody

Fave spin class:

- SoulCycle

Moral of my fitness routine within the last few months - stay moving and healthy but do what makes me FEEL good and that varies day to day, week to week. If fitness is going to be a part of my life or yours, it's important to do workouts that make you feel better than you did before you worked out!


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