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Updated: Oct 13, 2019

What makes you happy?

Seriously, think about it. What genuinely makes you happy?

When I think of happiness, I think of the things I enjoy and not the things I could have in order to become happy. That being said - waking up in the morning and lighting a candles like a wizard, a warm latte or iced coffee with creamy almond milk, petting random puppies on the street or simply staring at them, listening to an empowering podcast, the sun beaming bright on my face, having zero commitments and walking aimlessly around NYC, random chats with my respective parents about life, knowing my family is safe and in good health, checking items off a to-do list, when the avocado is perfectly ripe, and hearing ‘I love you.’

These things make me happy. Sure, we could always ‘be better’ or ‘have more’ but if you’re focused on what you don’t have, you’re never going to enjoy the present time, and there’s no more beautiful time than the present. As cliché as it sounds, the present is a gift. Tomorrow is not for certain.

With that, I’ve been asked to high-level write about my experience with overcoming obstacles and challenges, how I preserve and conquer life with poise, grace, a positive attitude, and a smile on my face.

But let's just circle back and address right out of the gates that you are responsible for your own happiness, okay? I understand we’re all cut from different cloths, but regardless of where you came from, you have the opportunity to change whatever in your life isn’t measuring up.

The answer is simple.

Do you see your obstacles or challenges as true thorns in your side or do you see them as opportunities for growth?

For me, I’ve always taken what makes me happy as an opportunity to learn more about what else could make me happy. For my challenges, I’ve always seen the opportunity within the opportunity (not a challenge) – an opportunity to grow and learn. So, take this: envision one of your pain points right now. Maybe your dating life isn’t where you’d like it to be, maybe you’re struggling with your body image or weight, maybe you’re disliking your career path, maybe your kids are misbehaving, maybe there’s family drama. or maybe you’re lacking the likeminded group of friends you’ve always wanted. Yes, I’ve been challenged with many of these things too… but there’s the opportunity!

Flip your mind.

Struggling with your body image or weight? Have you ever scrolled social media and found the thousands of online health and fitness coaches who are willing and able to support you along this journey?

Dating sucks? Have you ever tried an online dating app? There are various ones (shoutout to Hinge for helping me find my lovely boyfriend). Cast that net, sister! Put yourself out there. Nobody is going to do it for you. Dates aren't going on themselves!

You’re unfulfilled in your career path? Well, were you intentional about taking the job in the first place? Are you intentionally taking steps within your current role to finally get to a place where you’d like to be? If not, are you proactively seeking more, either internally or externally? Life is so short and we only have one shot!

Are you lacking a likeminded group of friends with similar interests and goals? Well, social media is a social platform. You’re reading this likely because you were scrolling on social media. Have you even attempted to find program or a community of likeminded friends through social... Have you even tried?

You create your own happiness.

You have control over your mind whether you believe it or not.

You have the ability to see an obstacle or challenge as an opportunity for growth, too.

You can try something new. Doesn’t work? Try again.

This is how I create my happiness. I involve myself in things I enjoy and around people I enjoy being with. I create opportunities for myself so I can learn more about what I enjoy. If I feel challenged, I don’t stomp my feet and give up. I think “what can I learn from this and how can I benefit from this experience?”

Lastly, how I get my energy you may ask? Happiness. Growth. Opportunity. Knowing there is so much to do, see, and people to meet.

Was I unclear? Opportunity. Dialing into opportunity. Seeing light even during times of darkness and chaos. Intentionally investing your energy into things you want to grow towards during those off times. Seeking it out. Learning. Making it happen.

Opportunity. Growth.


Go for it, babe. High vibes today and every day. I believe in you.


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