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Updated: Oct 13, 2019

I'm sort of a newb to Trader Joe's (forever a Whole Foods girl) but I've been drinking the koolaide and am pleasantly surprised! Traders is a one stop shop for your grocery shopping needs, especially for those of us in big cities where we grab the healthy basics to maintain a relatively decent waistline in the midst of our wine-o adventures.

While my personal grocery lists completely depend on my week, fitness calendar, and social schedule, here are 10 staple summer items from Traders to help you stay on track.

1. #VeganPesto - I've seriously been lathering this on every single food item that I can. Over doing it? No such thing.

2. Cauliflower Gnocchi - Season-less. Sorry, I'm not sorry. There are so many different ways you can make this and it is healthy! Boom. Sold. I'll take 300 bags, thanks.

3. Green Beans - You can do anything with green beans. Roast, steam, add to salad raw. They are so good from TJ's and I'm not sure why. Just get them.

4. Banana Chips - Dip these puppies in peanut butter. Thank me later.

5. Sparking Watermelon Juice - Delish on it's own, but also delish in an adult bev? Nobody will sue you for trying.

6. Sockeye Smoked Salmon - Starting your day with your BFF PFF (proteins, fats, fibers)? This is where it's at. Super flavorful and not overly sodium packed. Cut the carbs, hit the salmon, sis.

7. Organic Spicy Avocado Hummus - Flavorful deliciousness.

8. 3 Seed Beet Crackers - Perfect with any dip and since they're made from beets, it means veggies? Add to a cheese board or with happy hour snacks.

9. Gluten Free Cheese Pizza w/ Cauliflower Crust - Guilt free post rooftop happy hour snack. You're welcome, babe.

10. Salad Kits - I don't personally purchase because the dressings usually are not gluten free, but you get so much in one of these salad bags, so you could whip this up and have for two meals! Throw a protein on this and you're eating on budget and like a queen.

Happy, healthy summertime-ing at TJ's! xo


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