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Updated: Oct 13, 2019

I get asked a lot about my workout routine, favorite workouts, and why both from ladies who are new to the online fitness community, friends, and also people who have been on their fitness journey for some time now.

For exercise, I have been doing the 21 Day Fix program from Beachbody on Demand. This is a 3 week/21 day program. What I love about it is that it incorporates all different types of exercise in the 3 weeks. A habit is also created in 3 weeks, so I figured this was a great adventure to begin before my 26th birthday (on April 25th if you want o get me a gift) and the summer! And with that, I do all of my workouts in my small NYC apartment right next to my bed. I have an exercise mat, 2 adjustable (up to 50 lbs) dumbbells, bands, a step, a mirror, and obviously a towel because these workouts are challenging!

Aside from my current routine, I absolutely love lifting and high intensity interval training (HiiT). I love building strength and testing my body to do more, and I've seen the greatest progress in my body through these types of exercises. That being said, for the last year I've solely taken to Beachbody on Demand fitness programs and am never looking back. These are proven fitness programs created by celebrity trainers with corresponding nutrition/meal plans. Besides it being my job to help clients and other coaches start their fitness journey with these programs, it's safe to say I am absolutely obsessed myself!

For nutrition, I focus on the nutritional theory of portion control which encompasses balanced macronutrients and reducing sugar cravings for optimal results. What I love about portion control is that you can eat all of the healthy foods that fit into your portion control containers. It is a simple and effective way to eat and it really puts into perspective what you need to fuel you throughout your day. Each fitness program comes with a meal guide and recipes, making your life super simple. My caloric and macronutrient breakdown also works in conjunction to the portion control containers - they are designed to fit your macros, so again, it takes out any thinking for you! However, if you are on a specific diet by your physician, it's important you consult with them before adhering to any of my programs***.

Lastly, because I am in the process of healing my gut and moving into a remission with my Crohn's, I am not eating foods I am sensitive to/main disruptors. However, I am still adhering to my fitness program and corresponding nutrition plan and am loving it! I am always seeing progress and that makes me feel empowered. I am proud of this body and all it is capable of. If we don't love ourselves, who will?!


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