• Lauryn


Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures.

So living in New York City. Allow me to say, you need to have tough skin to live here. It is awesome and you can literally be anything you want to be and do whatever you want no matter the day (if you have the $$ LOL) but it's also tough. It's fast, it smells like garbage, people can be rude and selfish, and everything is expensive. However, it doesn't make me love the city any less. I've never felt more myself living in New York - meeting the most incredibly inspiring, kind, unique, deep, and loving people. I am so grateful for the people and experience I've had since taking the leap of faith to move here.

That being said, I do work 9-6 in the corporate side of the fashion industry, commute an hour and soon to another state, and also have my 'social media side hustle' as I like to call it. Refresher: I am an online health & fitness coach and well, you're here honey - I have my lifestyle blog and I'm lovin it. Safe to say I am always moving and grooving and "on," so to speak. And it's all by choice. Career-wise, I want to and will continue to be a productive, contributing member of society, and worked hard to be where I am. But I don't have to be writing this blog post nor be an online coach. These are choices, but there is opportunity. Opportunity because a vast majority of our population is considered obese, has chronic illness, or struggles with fitness and nutrition. Heck, last summer the doctor literally told me I was considered obese in terms of my height and weight. In retrospect, I absolutely was. I digress. So here's a little day in the life for me in terms of how I balance the NYC life and my various commitments!

4:45/5:00 AM - Rise & shine, buttercup!

5:30/6:00 AM - Depending on my dumpster fire of a stomach (Crohn's, Celiac, & GERD - triple threat), I drink pre-workout or coffee and do my at home workout.

7:00 AM - Get ready, check in with my online accountability group, post to IG stories.

8:00 AM - Out the door listening to a podcast and taking the subway to work. Note: this is gong to change when my office moves to NJ in the summer, but for now, I'm chillin'.

9:00 AM - Corporate work day begins!

12:00-1:00 PM - Engage and build my community.

6:00 PM - Begin the commute home - to dinner with friends or an adventure with my wonderful boyfriend but it totally depends on the day! Stay flexible, sister girl.

7:00 PM - Check my inbox and emails

8:00 PM - Maybe write a blog post or prepare content for upcoming days

9:00 PM - Disconnect, read, bed!

As a corporate gal and blogger, I have to stay very organized (yes, I literally set alarms on my phone so I don't forget to do certain things) during the weekdays - also seeing friends, getting rest, and exercising - and during the weekends, I use this as creative time to do project work! This is what works for me so I can balance my priorities and also have a fun life!

I hope that if you were seeking out this post, that you realize that you too can do the things if you're flexible and make time for your interests. Moreover, if you were seeking this post out, I hope you find this helpful and acknowledge that this really is as simple as it gets!

The NYC life didn't choose me, I chose it. And how you use your time is also a choice. For me, I choose to put the work in now so it will free up my time later. If you want to start a blog, just do it. It can be your creative outlet, your thing! xo